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"Designed For Freight Forwarders - By Freight Forwarders"

Fast Forward With Halifax CARgo

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A complete freight management system. Pre-advice to final shipment, billing and accounting all can be incorporated and without the repetitive re-keying, your time is freed for you to focus on your business. .

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Fast Forward With Halifax CARgo

Designed For Freight Forwarders - By Freight Forwarders

Halifax CARgo's strength lies in simplifying the documentation process with its single point data entry design. With information only ever entered once, the time it takes to complete Freight Forwarding documentation is dramatically reduced. The result, Jobs can me processed in an incredible six times faster, greatly improving productivity and accuracy. Time and money are saved on the documentation process and costly mistakes leading to penalties and subsequent delayed shipments can be eliminated.

Efficient and compliant export and job management

* Halifax CARgo, the most advanced export process management system available today.

* Complete with standard operating procedures.

* Encompassing all document generation and job flow management.

* Manages consignments in a Multi-Country, Multi-Exporter and Multi-User environment.

* More features for your money and guaranteed to save you time and money on every export consignment.

* Fully integrated with other business applications or completely stand alone

Need to work smarter? Halifax CARgo is considerably more than an export document form generator it is a complete Freight Exporting system, storing electronic records of all your shipments and contact details, from customers, consignees, banks etc. Answering any internal or external customer enquiry is made easy. With rapid response search techniques the ability to browse all your activities is right at your fingertips.

Need value for money? A no-nonsense, stable package entirely adaptable for your budget, Halifax CARgo integrates all the functions required by you the exporter in simple step by step procedures. Pre-advice to final shipment, billing and accounting all can be incorporated and without the repetitive re-keying your time is freed for you to focus on your business.

Need it your own way? Don’t pay for what you don’t use, design your own system.  We understand every Freight Manager has individual needs, Halifax CARgo can be completely customised, modules, forms fields, notes, faxes, can be added and tailored entirely for you.

Need an easy life? With Halifax Cargo’s advanced features it has never been easier to ensure complete control your paper work flow.  The simple to navigate tab system, means no more searching through countless frustrating menus for the screen you need.

Need Help? Our excellent support is just a phone call away.  Our experienced staff can train on-site of off  site and there is extensive on line help, which can be designed to suit your company's requirements.

Need to get out more? Yes you don’t even have to go to the office with Halifax CARGo’s unique remote entry system you can access your software from anywhere, even overseas, giving you full up to the minute access to your data

Developed in consultation with a leading Freight Manager with over 40 years industry experience, designed with only you the Exporter in mind.

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