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It takes years to be skilled at applying eyelash extensions, so it's important to go to a stylist who is experienced and specialises in extensions.  I have been styling lashes for 10 years and have done thousands of applications.  I am a member of NEESA promoting safe eyelash extension application. Incorrect application and using lashes that are too thick or too long for the natural lash to hold can cause damage to your natural lashes. Applied correctly extensions will not cause any damage to your natural lashes.


Professionally qualified and experienced, all the lashes pictured on this website are my own work.


I don't take the one style suits all approach, using only the highest quality products and stock premium quality lashes in a wide range of different lengths, curls and thickness, giving you a truly individual look to suit your eye shape, and personal style.


Why do clients travel up to 100K's to visit me? I am affordable, experienced and my lashes last a lot longer (so you'll need less visits between refills - saving you money.)




Frequently Asked Questions Q. What are Eyelash Extensions? A. Artificial lashes are attached to your natural lash resulting in longer,thicker lashes that look natural but very luscious and glamorous. Q. How many do you apply? A. I apply a generous amount of lashes - around 80 to 100 per eye for a full set Q. How long do they last? A. The life of your natural lash. Q. What are they made of? A. Silk fiber, polyester or synthetic mink. Q. How do they feel when wearing them? A. So light you can't feel them. Q. How long does it take to graft the lashes? A. 60 mins – 120 mins depending on your eyelashes. Beware if anyone does them in less than 60 minutes for a full set or less than 30 minutes for refills - you are not getting value for money and they won't last very long. Q. How long do the lashes last? A. Applied properly lashes will last the life of your natural lash 6 to 8 weeks sometimes longer with the proper after care. Q. Can lash grafting damage my natural lashes? A. No as long as you go to someone who is professionally trained and experienced. I have fixed up lots of poorly applied lashes Q. How often do I need to come back for refills? A Every 3 weeks is the average for refills your natural lashes shed around 5 lashes per day so they gradually thin out over time

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